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Visual Studio 2005 Team Test Edition Load Agent Licensing
This Microsoft Whitepaper describes the Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Team Test Edition Load Agent
Performance Analysis and Systems
This position paper introduces the problems involved with performance analysis and failure diagnosis
Best Practices - Implementing Quality Center
Mercury Customer Perspective: Best Practices for Implementing Mercury Quality Center
 I hired TechSouth Consultin

NVIDIA Corporation, Tom Stoneman

TechSouth Consulting is a valued UPS business partner. We have hired them several

UPS Suppy Chain Solutions, Jennifer Mattingly



TechSouth Consulting practices include performance-centric and functional test automation services, scoping and IV&V services and HP BTO  product Rapid Ramps , and vary from less than a week to many months in length.

Performance - Performance-centric services, including performance test evaluation (PTE), performance modeling and scalability testing, is our forté. Our consultants can help you rapidly model the performance of an operational system just before deployment, develop a robustly efficient architecture for your new, multi-tier application, or anything in between.

Test Automation - Functional test automation services is another very popular TechSouth practice area. Our test automation services range from Rapid Ramps with new product installs lasting from 2 to 5 days, to full service outsourcing of all test automation services at departmental or enterprise levels.

RapidRamps - The TechSouth RapidRamps concept is simple, yet just what you need to help you ramp up quickly. Rapid Ramps typically range from 2 days to 1 month, depending on your specific needs.

  • We install - we'll help you get your new HP tools installed and configured to your environment and workflow
  • We train - our consultants can help you learn the proper use of your new tools through instructor-led training, using TechSouth or HP materials, informal sessions and/or mentoring. We'll design a custom program that suits your needs perfectly
  • We script - we will help you get started actually implementing your new tools the right way. We have deep defect tracking, test management and test automation methods, including instructor-led courses that will help you get going. And our consultants will help you write those first scripts, applying your new test methodology the right way for you.

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