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Visual Studio 2005 Team Test Edition Load Agent Licensing
This Microsoft Whitepaper describes the Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Team Test Edition Load Agent
Performance Analysis and Systems
This position paper introduces the problems involved with performance analysis and failure diagnosis
Best Practices - Implementing Quality Center
Mercury Customer Perspective: Best Practices for Implementing Mercury Quality Center
TechSouth Consulting is a valued UPS business partner. We have hired them several

UPS Suppy Chain Solutions, Jennifer Mattingly

 I hired TechSouth Consultin

NVIDIA Corporation, Tom Stoneman


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The cost of system downtime is too great to allow to chance. Research shows that more than 30 percent of all software projects fail before ever being completed. One of the biggest reasons for failure: system performance. TechSouth Consulting specializes in the discovery and resolution of system performance defects, prior to production.

All too often in the world of software development, testing is not seriously considered until the system is nearly code complete. With rapid release cycles, and tighter constraints on head count, automated regression test suites are becoming more of a necessity rather than a luxury. TechSouth’s functional test automation services, combined with our proven test automation framework, allow you to verify that your application’s functionality meets requirements.

TechSouth Consulting is at the forefront of meeting the demands driving companies today as an HP tools reseller. Together, HP and TechSouth are shifting the focus from delivering IT projects to delivering business outcomes, with software and services that ensure the successful business outcome of IT. TechSouth can help you procure the proper mix of tools, assist with installation and configuration, and provide training and consulting for your staff to ensure a successful implementation.

Utilizing HP’s Business Availability Center, TechSouth consultants can provide a business dashboard for performance monitoring, system availability management, service level agreement (SLA) management, application relationship mapping, diagnostics, analytics, and problem resolution. We provide the ability to quickly map, measure, and manage key business process and system indicators in real time, from end-user, business, and SLA perspectives. As a result, you reduce mean time to identification (MTTI), improve SLA performance, minimize application downtime, and lower your total cost of ownership (TCO).


We can help provide world-class products to your customers with our flexible Software Test Outsourcing (STO) service. You may have heard that off-shore testing offers a lower project investment, but its effectiveness is also much lower, actually increasing development costs. The TechSouth alternative is much better, leading to faultless performance of your products and systems while increasing your ROI.


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