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Visual Studio 2005 Team Test Edition Load Agent Licensing
This Microsoft Whitepaper describes the Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Team Test Edition Load Agent
Performance Analysis and Systems
This position paper introduces the problems involved with performance analysis and failure diagnosis
Best Practices - Implementing Quality Center
Mercury Customer Perspective: Best Practices for Implementing Mercury Quality Center
TechSouth Consulting is a valued UPS business partner. We have hired them several

UPS Suppy Chain Solutions, Jennifer Mattingly

 I hired TechSouth Consultin

NVIDIA Corporation, Tom Stoneman



TechSouth Consulting is at the forefront of meeting the demands driving companies today. Together, HP and TechSouth are shifting the focus from delivering IT projects to delivering business outcomes, with software and services that ensure the successful business outcome of IT. Leading IT professionals rely on TechSouth to ensure their critical applications are ready to deliver intended business outcomes before going live.

HP Quality Center™ is used by developers, QA teams, and business analysts to perform automated software testing and quality assurance across a wide range of IT and application environments. It combines an integrated suite of role-based applications — all designed to optimize and automate key quality activities, including test management, requirements
and defects tracking; functional testing and regression testing; and business-process design validation. HP Quality Center includes automated software testing products such as
HP TestDirector®, HP QuickTest Professional™, HP WinRunner™, and the new HP Business Process Testing™.

HP Performance Center™ provides the first lifecycle approach to optimizing application performance, helping ensure your applications will scale to support the right number of users, transaction volumes, and performance levels. Key features include load-testing, performance tuning, capacity planning, and J2EE diagnostics across complex, heterogeneous computing environments. HP Performance Center is anchored by the industry-standard HP LoadRunner®, and also includes HP Diagnostics™, Tuning™, and HP Capacity Planning™.

HP Business Availability Center provides the only Center of Excellence approach to ensuring that your production applications meet service-level goals and deliver their intended business results. It includes integrated applications and a business dashboard for performance monitoring, end-user and system availability management, service-level management, application relationship mapping, diagnostics, analytics, and problem resolution. This end-to-end approach to application management enables you to accelerate time to value, reduce TCO, and maximize ROI. TechSouth can help you procure the proper mix of tools, assist with installation and configuration, and provide training and consulting for your staff to ensure a successful implementation. If you‘d like to know more about these topics or any of our products and services, we encourage you to call us today for additional information:

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